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"Hey, we get you, we all love the moon. Everyone here loves the moon, right?"
"Oh yeah."
"Right, it's just... we think you might be going just a bit too far. We were thinking it might be a good idea if you found love a little, like, closer to home. You know, within a few thousand kilometres. So we made you a profile on this dating site, and..."

You have to admit, they have a point. You really do love the moon way more than they do. Not in an unhealthy way, though, right? Well, it doesn't matter. Little did you and your fellow moon-cultists/coven-sisters/moon-landing conspiracy theorists know, other groups with the same celestial idol had also gently or not-so-gently encouraged their own moon-sick acolytes to seek a more earthly love as well…


Over the Moon is a 2-player role-playing dating game of dark lunar obsession, awkward online dating Q&A, and tantalisingly limited information that's designed for play via online messaging apps!

Each of you plays a moon cultist, witch, or other dark creature who loves the moon a little too much, and whose comrades decided to β€˜fix’ this by online dating with β€˜normal’ people… but you’ve just been matched with each other instead, and it’s up to you to see if you can make this work. Is the moon your one true love, a third wheel in the sky, or the ultimate wingmoon? Play to find out!

The game plays out over the course of a full moon cycle, starting just after the new moon, and changes with the moon's phase and visibility in the sky. On top of the rules, the game also includes:

  • 32 Dating Questions - a mix of bland, serious, and strange
  • 8 special Steamy Questions, if you're feeling brave

JUST to be clear: In this game you communicate with each other using a regular messaging app like Discord. You don't have to actually match with each other on a dating site or dating app! Unless you're feeling dangerous, that is. Likewise, there's no adult content unless you both choose to include it.

(Version 1.1 will be released shortly, including corrections, tweaked questions, minor rules updates, and accessibility improvements.)



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I loved playing this game! It became a wonderful nightly ritual, and the game design enabled some very sweet and thoughtful final scenes, even with the sillier character concepts we played with. 

Also, I feel like I have to add that this feels like the perfect game for the social isolation of the current moment. It encourages you to keep in regular contact with someone and find a small piece of creativity every day, and it's even designed for play over a messenger app! 

Glad to hear it worked so well! And yeah, I think it really sings when it plays out a little bit at a time over a whole month (though it can be done faster).


This is an absolutely bonkers game that was as much of a treat to read through the rules as has been planning to play. We haven't played yet, but today's the full moon and this feels like a sign.

Props to the game designers for a perfectly aesthetically designed webpage, pdf, and game overall. Also, THANK YOU for also including a print friendly and text only file.

Glad to hear it on all three counts!