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Can I ask which game subsystem is it based on?


Thanks for your interest - it's part of a WIP project of mine! This released game was originally designed as a light stand-alone game to play out found-footage stories, or any story where part of the tension is going back and seeing what you missed the first time that casts everything ahead in a new light.

I've since started to build other systems around it to tell the story of a group of people investigating a disturbing mystery, and the consequences that investigation has for them - the system in this game is used there to create the story-with-a-story (or several of them) that those investigators (the player characters) piece together along the way.

My inspirations for this project are stories like Marble HornetsThe Poughkeepsie TapesThe Endless, the terminal testimonies of a lot of cosmic horror/weird fiction protagonists (like those from The Call of Cthulhu or Clark Ashton Smith's The City of the Singing Flame), and those apocalyptic audio logs that were pretty common in videogames for a while (and used pretty well in the more recent game Sagebrush, about someone exploring a now-empty cult compound and going through the logs left behind), among other things.

Thanks for your answer!